Short Essay on Sports in India in English For School Students

Essay on Sports in India: We are here to share essays for classes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 students on the sports in India in English. Sports means an activity involves physical activity or skills in which any individual groups compete against each other.

Short Essay on Sports in India For Kids

Short Essay on Sports in India
Latest Short Essay on Sports in English For School Students

Sports means anactivity involves physical activity or skills in which any individual groupscompete against each other.

If we take a look at the performance and result of the Indian team in national and international sports, we find that India’s performance in them has been very poor.

The performance of Indian team is very poor in the 1996 Olympic games held in Atlanta was very disappointing. India managed to achieve only silver medals in that but many other smaller nations managed to win more medals.

But as there are many young sportspeople who came to this field made it good for our country and we got around 368 medals in the 2019 Olympics which was not bad and it keeps improving from time to time because of the hard work of athletes.

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India was good in cricket which is the favourite game in almost every country and India won the World Cup in 1983 in the captaincy of Kapil Dev and then they won the world cup in 2011 in the captaincy of MS Dhoni.

But in-between time, India didn’t play well in cricket which is now improved by many of the young cricketers in India.

We don’t have hope for our players that is why they didn’t get the motivation to play well and many loose but from the last few years people are showing interest in many new sports and players are trying to play well and many rank holders are there in many games.

India is the first position holder in the Kabaddi game which is also quite popular in the last few years.

Sports in India also get a huge effect due to politics because nowadays politics is also involved in the field of sports which bound many players and there is pressure on the selection of players.

India is a densely populated country and many sportspeople can come in the field of sports but the need is just encouragement which is not there.

This year in the 2020 Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo.

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