Short 10 Lines Essay on Importance of Trees in English For Students

Short Essay on Importance of Trees: We are here to share an essay on the importance of trees in English for students of primary classes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. Trees are the precious gift of nature, due to the trees, this green earth and our life are happy.

10 Lines on the Importance of Trees

Short Essay on Importance of Trees
Latest Short Essay on Importance of Trees In English For School Students

(1) Trees are a very important part of our life; it gives us Oxygen and gives Carbon Dioxide gas which helps us to live.

(2) Without trees life cannot be expected, no trees mean no life on earth.

(3) Trees are very important for our life and earth to keeps earth green and happy.

(4) In ancient times humans also made weapons using trees and hunted with their help.

(5) Science has also started from trees because the first discovery of science is a wheel that was made up of wood.

(6) This has brought such a rapid change in the life of science and man that today trees are being trampled or crushed with that wheel.

(7) Trees are an integral part of our lives and it is our responsibility to protect them.

(8) Forests are being cut by some greedy people but no action is taken by the government.

(9) Due to the lack of trees, water, air and noise pollution are increasing, due to which various kinds of serious diseases are spreading in human life.

(10) Trees also prevent many other natural disasters.

Short Essay on Importance of Trees in 250 – 300 Words

Trees are the precious gift of nature, due to the trees, this green earth and our life are happy.

Trees are true warriors who fight pollution for us right from birth and give us a clean and beautiful environment.

Trees have been on our earth for thousands of years; they cannot move but can breathe like humans.

Trees absorb toxic carbon dioxide and provide us with pure and free oxygen.

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Trees give us fruits and grains to eat throughout our lives and also for living.

It also rains due to these which give us water to drink.

Trees also give us clothes, wood for fuel, paper, rubber, herbs for curing diseases, cold or shade in summer.

During rainy days, soil erosion is prevented with the help of trees.

The leaves of trees make the land fertile, trees give other animals a home-like place to live and other valuable mineral wealth is also given by them to animals.

But gradually since industrialization and urbanization have increased, the indiscriminate cutting of trees or deforestation has been done by humans, due to which the natural balance of the earth has been disturbed.

Due to the lack of trees in cities, there is less rainfall and air pollution also remains in greater quantity.

If the cutting of trees continues at the same pace, then the day is not far when the Earth will be destroyed.

Trees are very important for our life, so we have to make people aware to plant more and more trees so that our future will be safe and clean.

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