Printable Letter S Worksheets For Preschool Free Download

Printable Letter S Worksheet For Preschool Students in English – Friends we are here to provide you alphabet or letter ‘S’ tracing worksheets for free. We have provided a letter tracing worksheet containing both uppercase ‘S’ and lowercase ‘s’. With that, we have also provided an image of a sun to be colored.

Printable Letter S Worksheets For Preschool Children

Printable Letter S Worksheets

You Can Download the Tracing Letter S Worksheet by Clicking on the Above Link –

Free Download Letter S Tracing Worksheet Pdf

About Sun

Sun is a star at the center of the solar system. It was made almost 4.6 billion years ago.

The radius of the sun is almost 695000 kilometers(432000 miles). It is 109 times the earth.

The mass of the sun is 330000 times the earth’s mass.

It is composed of hydrogen and helium.

It emits UV rays which are radioactive and direct contact can cause high damage to living objects.

The heat of the sun is emitted by nuclear fusion reactions that take place in the core of the sun. Which emits light, UV radiation, and infrared radiation.

In this fusion 600 million tones of hydrogen into helium.

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