Printable Letter K Worksheets For Preschool Free Download

Printable Letter K Worksheet For Preschool Students in English – Friends we are here to provide you alphabet or letter ‘K’ tracing worksheets for free. We have provided a letter tracing worksheet containing both uppercase ‘K’ and lowercase ‘k’. With that, we have also provided an image of a kite to be colored.

Printable Letter K Worksheets For Preschool Children

Printable Letter K Worksheets

You Can Download the Tracing Letter K Worksheet by Clicking on the Above Link –

Free Download Letter K Tracing Worksheet Pdf

About Kite

A kite is a toy that consists of a light-covered frame for flying in the air at the end of a long string.

It is lighter than an aircraft.

Kites were first invented almost 3000 years ago in China. Some also tell that they were first popularised in china and invented in Indonesia.

The smallest kite made is only 5mm high and the biggest ever made is 1034 meters high both of them actually flew.

Kites are generally made with paper and a bamboo stick. but many made them using plastic film, and high tensile strength textiles.

The largest number of kites flying in a line is 11,284 and the record maker was a Japanese kite maker.

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