Printable Letter F Worksheets For Preschool Free Download

Printable Letter F Worksheet For Preschool Students in English – Friends we are here to provide you alphabet or letter ‘F’ tracing worksheets for free. We have provided a letter tracing worksheet containing both uppercase ‘F’ and lowercase ‘f’. With that, we have also provided an image of a fox to be colored.

Printable Letter F Worksheets For Preschool Children

Printable Letter F Worksheets

You Can Download Letter F Worksheet by Clicking on the Above Link –

Free Download Letter F Tracing Worksheet Pdf

About Fox

Fox is the smallest member of the dog family.

They do have many similarities with cats also.

Foxes are found on all continents of the world except Antarctica.

Their size is almost equal to a medium-sized dog.

The hair color of foxes is generally reddish but some may be brown.

Foxes are omnivorous animals as they eat both flesh and plant-based food (like vegetables, and fruits).

Fox also hunts small animals like rodents and also eats eggs of birds and small insects which depends upon the availability.

Their life span is almost 3 to 6 years in the jungle but in zoos, they live around 14 to 15 years.

There is a total of 23 species of foxes in the whole world.

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