12 Month Name in English With Their Abbreviations For School Students

12 Month Name in English: We had provided the name and abbreviation of months of Modern English Calendar, Hindu Calendar, and Roman Calendar.

Students of junior classes like LKG, UKG, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 are frequently asked to write the name of the month in their exams and their abbreviations, so we have provided the name of months and their abbreviation in a tabular form which ease the readers to understand and learn easily.

Month Name
Get 12 Months Name And Their Abbreviation in English For School Students

Modern Name of 12 Months of a Year in English

(1) January – Jan

(2) February – Feb

(3) March – Mar

(4) April – Apr

(5) May – May

(6) June – Jun

(7) July – Jul

(8) August – Aug

(9) September – Sept

(10) October – Oct

(11) November – Nov

(12) December – Dec

Hindu Months Name in English And Their Starting Time

Hindu Month Name in EnglishStarting Time
ChaitraBegins From 21 March
VaisakhaBegins From 21 April
JyaisthaBegins From 22 May
AsadhaBegins From 22 June
SharavanaBegins From 23 July
BhadraBegins From 23 August
AsvinaBegins From 23 September
KartikaBegins From 23 October
Agrahayana Begins From 22 November
PausaBegins From 22 December
Magha Begins From 21 January
PhalgunaBegins From 20 February

Roman Month Name in English

There are actually many roman calendars which may vary with the time. Here I am providing you the roman calendar month name or Julian Calendar After 8 BC.

Roman Month Name in EnglishEnglish NameNumber of Days

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 – How many days are there in February month?

Answer – There are 28 days in February months for 3 years and 29 days after every four years.

Question 2 – How many days are there in July month?

Answer – There are 31 days in July month.

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