Lost and Found Essay in English For School Students

Lost and Found Essay: We are here to share essays for classes 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 & 12 students on lost and found in English. Lost and Found Essay about my lost wallet in the market, returned by an unknown person.

Lost and Found Essay

10 Lines Lost and Found Essay in English 100 Words

(1) On A normal day in my life, I went to a local computer market in my area as I wanted some new computer-related gadgets.

(2) I went to the shop where I bought my laptop 2 years ago asking for a branded charger for my laptop.

(3) He checked and told me that they have that charger available, so I took that and went to the billing desk they gave me a bill of Rs 2000, and to pay the amount I put my hand in my pocket and I get Shocked.

(4) My wallet was not there and I kept standing like this about for 30 seconds thinking about where did I lose it.

(5) The shopkeeper asked me about that and I told him that I lost my wallet. Which I just realized.

(6) So he suggested I should go to the local Police station as they may help me to search for it faster or someone may have found it and given it to them.

(7) I went to the police and they wrote a complaint about that I briefly defined my Wallet its color, brand, documents, and the money it has. The officers sympathize with me that they will try their best to find it.

(8) Then suddenly the phone over the station rang until they picked it up and on the other side a person called that he found a wallet in the market near a shop where I had breakfast before. He told them their name as in the documents found in the wallet. The officer asked him to give it to that station as I was there to find that.

(9) The person came and I saw my wallet in his hand he handed it over to the officer. The officer called me to check it and confirm the details. I confirmed it that its mine, then the officer gave it to me.

(10) I thanked the office and the man who bought it and offered him some prize or lunch with me but he denied it as he was in a hurry to reach his office and I again thanked him for that.

10 Lines Lost and Found Essay in English 100 Words
10 Lines Lost and Found Essay in English 100 Words

Essay on Lost and Found in English 250 Words

I was 12 years old and on a day after studying, I left my book on the bedside table. As it was low in height my smaller brother who is 3 years old tore that. So I asked my parents to buy me a study table on which I can arrange my book.

As we were a middle-class family so my parent agreed to buy me an old second-hand table rather than buy a new one.

The next day we went to a shop near our house we were checking those tables and I randomly opened the drawer of a table which was not so good looking and I found a packet which has money inside it. I pushed it back into the drawer and wished to buy it as I get that packet of money.

So I forced my parents to buy that they first denied it as it was an old one not having good paint and its condition was also ok. We bought it and brought it to our house.

As nobody was in the room I secretly opened it and counted the money as it was around 20,000. I was greedy until that time and thinking of spending that money alone. I found a letter in that drawer which tells that it was from an old man who may have died she collected it for his children.

But during that time I was greedy but then I realized that I should return the money back to the owner as they are in need of that.

So I went to the shop and asked for the owner’s details and told him the story and my mom helped me with that as I told her before. He checked the details and gave us the number of the old owner.

We contacted and reached their house it was a small house and they were financially poor. A man, his wife, and his son were the members of the family.

My mom asked them about the table and he told that he was in need of money so he sold his father’s table. Then we told him the whole story and gave the packet and the letter to him as that was actually for them. All of them thanked us for that and also invited us for lunch but we denied and left for our house. They again thanked us and were happy with that money.

Lost and Found Essay in English 450 Words

A regular day for me and my family. I and my wife went to our job and our daughter went to her school as she is just 7 years old. 21 Jan the day I remember that it was a holiday so on 20 Jan me and my wife planned to go to an Amusement park so our daughter and could enjoy ourselves a bit. And my wife agreed and we planned it even though we are tired of working for days.

It is the day 21 Jan morning we were happy and prepared but the happier one is our daughter who didn’t sleep until 12 at night asking us to do this and that in the park. After preparing at 8 am we left our house and I drove to the park it was almost 30 minutes of distance from my house and we finally reached there.

That park was just amazing, our daughter was happy to reach there. We bought the entry passes for us and entered the park where many different rides are there. As it was a holiday there was a rush in the park.

We went to different small rides like a mini roller coaster, train, trampoline, and many others. And our daughter insisted we join her but we refused as we were tired and just planned this for her only.

But she was so happy she agreed to ride alone. Went to the first ride came back then went to the second ride and while coming back she missed and went out in the rush we lost her we tried to find her but not found her. Then we went to the officer’s room in the park and told them about the incident and also provided the details to find my daughter.

They gave details to the officer over the park and they went to search her.

After a wait of 30 minutes there an officer found my daughter and informed her that he is bringing her to the office.

She came and hugged me tightly, she was crying badly. As I had taken her she stopped crying.

She told us how to go far from the ride in a rush and then a man found her and helped her to find her parents but somehow the police managed to find them and brought her to us. We thanked the man to help our daughter.

We want it to be the best day of our life but it became one of the worst days for my family. From there we went to our house and then we took our daughter to sleep and after she slept we both also slept.

We woke up the next morning and again the same routine and my daughter became normal as she have forgotten the day as it never happened.

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