Essay on My School Library in English For School Students

Essay on My School Library: We are here to share essays for classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 students, on my school library in English. The library is a house of books or a storehouse of books. And the library is the most need for a school or college.

My School Library Long Essay In English For School Students

The library is a house of books or a storehouse of books. And the library is the most need for a school or college.

A school library is a place where we can find the books we need and have a proper environment to read books with peace. A library is a place that feeds us knowledge with the help of books.

Essay on My School Library
Latest Essay on My School Library in English For School Students

Every school has a library. My school also has a library which is located on the second floor of our school building. The library is very quiet and is very good.

My school library is very big; it has a total two rooms, one room has all the shelves or cabinets to store books and the second room has the facility to sit and read books.

There is a very big collection of books. There are around 15,000 books in my school library. In my school library, different kinds of books are present there and all of them are arranged in a very well manner.

There is a good collection of books in the library. Books like storybooks, informative books, history books, technological books, fictional books, etc. are kept in the library. Books are placed according to their subject and issuing dates. That eases us to find the required books easier.

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In our library, there are many wooden cabinets and iron cabinets in which different books are present. The library room is fully air-conditioned.

At the entrance of our library study room; there is a table of the library incharge or librarian of our school; the librarian manages the books in the library. The librarian of our school is a very nice person; he helps us in finding books.

In our reading room, large tables are there and many chairs are placed around those tables for the student to sit and read books. Our reading room is large, airy and there is a garden next to our reading room. There is a projector in our reading room which is used for the projection of any classes or assignments. That is the room is very quiet and full of peace.

In the school library, there is a facility for the latest or fresh magazines, newspapers, and books. I go there and read newspapers daily, many other students and even teachers also come to the library to read the newspaper. And the latest books helps the students to keep their knowledge updated and prepared for the exam.

Our school library is also online and has thousands of books available there for free. Anyone can read, download or print any book at any time. This helps not event our school student but everyone.

A student can issue only three books at a time from the school library which will be different in different libraries.

Therefore, the library is one of the essential needs for everyone, children, adults, and older ones, everyone read books and equally important for them.

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