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Essay on My School Building: We are here to share essays for classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 students on my school building in English. My school is very colorful and is a very high building; it has a total of 4 floors and a separate building for different sections of students.

My School Building Essay For Students of Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12


Hello, I am Ravi and study in class 5 and live in Delhi.

I go to The Maan School Since my nursery class and my brother and sister also study in that class.

Essay on My School Building
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About My School Building

My school is very colorful and is a very high building; it has a total of 4 floors and a separate building for different sections of students.

Like it has a separate small building for Kg and other elementary classes, another for primary classes and the biggest for the senior classes.

It looks very attractive and very beautiful from a far distance because it very uniquely designed and coloured which looks very beautiful.

It had many beautifully painted boundary walls and gates which also looks pretty.
My school building is very tall, big and very shiny because of its fantastic structure, it looks pretty from a far distance.

My school has very big and spacious rooms which can easily fit almost 200 students at a time.

All classes are divided into many categories and subsections because of the high number of students in school and the classrooms in my school are open and airy.

These things increase the beauty of my school building.

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Past Of My School

My school is also very old because it was made in 1960 which means it is almost 60 years old.

It was prepared by the grandfather of the Owner of our school who was a very great person known by the whole city.

After its construction, it was repaired or renovated much time like some paint job and repairing crack in the walls or roofs. This was done by the owner of the school.

My school building has a long past. It also became possible because of the care and time to time repairs by the school administration.

It also made the future of many people in the past years.

Beauty Of School Building, Labs and Library

There is a beautiful gate at the entrance of my school, a gate at the entrance of our sports ground which also is located in the area of the school and the last gate behind the school.

Our school has many big airy rooms which are perfect to study with peace.

There are a science lab, computer lab and a projector room in our school.

Which are very huge in size and our projector room is also used as an auditorium or a hall.

We practice different experiments in our science labs, play the game and learn excel, PowerPoint and paint in our computer lab.

There is also a huge library room in our school building. Our school library has a lot of book collections and fresh newspapers and magazines which make it much better.

With that, our library is also huge airy rooms which have two partitions one for reading books and one contains all the book racks.

Classrooms in Our School

The classrooms in my school are very huge with two doors and two windows which make it an airy room.

With that, almost every classroom has greenery around it which makes the atmosphere of the classroom very clean.

Our classroom also has a board, two chart boards on two different walls, and on them, we have added many charts, many posters, and drawings made by the students of my class which enhances the look of the classroom.

And at last, there is a garden separated to our school ground which has many plants and a gardener to care for all those plants.


Our school building is very huge and beautiful. It serves all the students who came to our school and never failed in giving all the facilities that are required. The whole school has air conditioners, first aid, and emergency kit.

Therefore I can proudly say that I study in the best school in Delhi which can serve every student easily and help them to be successful in life.

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