Best Essay on My Best Friend in English For Schools Students

Essay on My Best Friend: We are here to share essays for classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 students on my best friend in English. I have many friends at my school, but Rahul is my best friend. We stay and sit together at our school.

10 Lines My Best Friend Essay For Class 1 & 2

Essay on My Best Friend
Latest Essay on My Best Friend In English For School Students

(1) My best friend is Rohan.

(2) We study in the same class and school as he is my classmate.

(3) He always supports me whenever I need his help.

(4) He helps me in my studies over my weak subjects.

(5) We share our food and other things with each other.

(6) We always play together.

(7) He entertains me when I feel bored.

(8) He guides and motivates me to rank well and make a bright future.

(9) He is a very kind, helpful, and intelligent boy in our class.

(10) I have the best friend in the world and we do have the best friendship in the world.

10 Lines My Best Friend Essay in English
10 Lines My Best Friend Essay in English

Short Essay on My Best Friend in English For Class 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

We may have a lot of friends but there must be a single best friend. It is also very important to have a best friend or a true friendship to help us to get on the right track in the race of life

A true friend is the one to whom we can share anything personal and do not hesitate as he may judge. A true friend is helpful in nature and can correct us on our wrong decisions.

I have a best friend whose name is Rajesh and I can share anything with him as he is the special one and is always there to help me over my hard times.

He is my best friend early days of school as he was my classmate. He is the most intelligent student in our class and does love to participate in debates as he is a good speaker.

We do spend our vacations with each other and his family is also good, his parents always encourage us to study as well as do other important activities.

He is loved by everyone in our school whether he is a teacher or a student because of his good character and fine qualities.

We do have a lot of common things like we both have the same hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc.

He is always there to inspire and strengthen me. He does have a positive attitude which inspires me a lot as he doesn’t argue with me and takes the time to explain to me what’s wrong when I get stuck over a decision.

He is full of positive qualities as he always helps me to make hard decisions and is there to help whenever I need him. He inspires me to get good grades for a bright future.

I have learned a lot from him like his loving nature towards the younger ones, respect for elders, and calmness in mind to do any work peacefully.

Long Essay on My Best Friend In English For Class 8, 9 & 10 Students

I have many friends at my school, but Rahul is my best friend. We stay and sit together at our school.

Our friendship started when he first took admission to my school, and his seat was fixed with me.

He is my classmate, and he always helps me. I love my friend Rahul because he takes care of me and guides me in my life and my studies.

We also have a unique or personal handshake for only both of us. We both play together. And also study together.

He is a good boy, respects every older person, and can’t get depressed after losing. He is very polite and respectful.

Rahul is a punctual and humble boy. His confidence is impressive.

He is the most intelligent boy in my class and is the position holder of my class. He mostly ranks number first in class.

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He also helps me in studying and guides me. He helps me with every difficulty in any subject and teaches me in a good way.

We both study together for exams, and he guides me in that. He also inspires me to achieve the top rank in my class and also helps me with that.

I feel very much improved after he helped me with studying. I became much more intelligent in my class after his guide and also got ranked in my class. He also helped me in improving many of my habits.

His father is also the best friend of my father for a long time. We both celebrate all festivals or events together like Diwali, Holi, Eid, etc.

He also takes part in different programs and competitions in our school. His hobbies are playing cricket, football, badminton, reading books, and going on trips.

All my teachers appreciate him for his hard work.

When we are free, we visit each other’s homes and enjoy there a lot. We sing, dance, and play games together.

And during summer vacations we also go on trips together and enjoy ourselves a lot.

I like my friend because of his hard work, love, and respect for me. And I always pray to keep my friend and family safe.

It is also said that “A True Friend is a Priceless Gift from God.”

And a best friend should be understanding and with whom we can share all our feelings and get support or encouragement.

A best friend should be there for us in our time of need and should never hesitate to help his friend.

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