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Essay on Importance of Trees: We are here to share essays for classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 students on the importance of trees in English. Trees have a lot of importance in our life the reason behind the development or the rise of human civilization is an early life has been spent among the group of trees in forests.

Essay on Importance of Trees in English For Higher Class Students

Essay on Importance of Trees
Latest Essay on Importance of Trees in English For School Students


Trees have a lot of importance in our life the reason behind the development or the rise of human civilization is an early life has been spent among the group of trees in forests.

We have built houses from the leaves and branches of a tree, from which we get woods, food, and energy.

In ancient times humans also made weapons using trees and hunted with their help. Science has also started from trees because the first discovery of science is a wheel that was made up of wood.

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This has brought such a rapid change in the life of science and man that today trees are being trampled or crushed with that wheel.

It is a matter of great irony that the trees due to which we are living today and with so much happiness, prosperity and taking clean and fresh oxygen, we are destroying them in return.

As soon as the trees get extinct from our earth, human civilization will be destroyed at the same time.

Importance of Trees in Human Life

(1) We get oxygen from trees.

(2) Trees help in reducing air, water and noise pollution from the atmosphere.

(3) We get valuable herbs from which many types of diseases can be cured.

(4) We get fruits and grains from trees to eat.

(5) Dry woods are obtained from trees by which we can get energy by burning fire and can make doors, beds, machine parts, small weapons, ships or boats, etc.

(6) Trees provide shade to us during summer, due to which we feel less hot.

(7) We get glue, silk, rubber, and other minerals from the trees, which is very important for our life.

(8) There is a good amount of rainfall, which increases the level of rivers, ponds, and groundwater, and we get clean and sweet water for drinking because of trees.

(9) Due to trees, the surface of the earth remains cold and the temperature does not increase.

(10) Trees help in the environment of the earth to function systematically.

(11) Trees prevent land erosion and prevent flooding.

(12) Due to trees, the chance of an earthquake also decreases to some extent.

(13) Trees keep the greenery in nature and cool air moves throughout the environment.

(14) Trees also prevent many other natural disasters.

Importance of trees in Wildlife –

Trees also have great importance in the life of wildlife animals as the trees are their home. Wildlife animals also get food only through trees.

To avoid the scorching or scalding sun during the summer days, they sit in the shade of trees and some wild animals also hide behind trees to hunt.

Birds build their nests on trees and use their small branches to make nests.

Therefore the place with a high number of trees also has a high number of birds and animals around them.

Bad Effect of Lack of Trees –

At present, the forest of trees has been replaced by cities, due to which the environment of the entire earth has been affected.

(1) Due to the lack of trees, water, air and noise pollution are increasing, due to which various kinds of serious diseases are spreading in human life.

(2) Due to the lack of trees, the temperature of the earth is increasing by 1 to 2 degrees every year.

(3) Due to lack of trees, there is not the proper or right amount of rain at every place, due to which some places face drought or floods and nature is being destroyed.

(4) The peace and happiness that comes from trees are not being found because people are surrounded by buildings, due to which neither clean air nor sunlight reaches there properly.

(5) Pollution has increased so much that people’s lives have been in trouble, in some cities, it has come so far that people now walk with pollution masks on their mouths.

(6) Earth’s atmosphere has been disturbed due to lack of trees, due to which earthquakes and tsunamis keep coming.

(7) Due to the lack of trees, the desert is continuously expanding.

(8) Due to excessive deforestation, the volcanoes that have been kept calm become active due to which toxic gases are released which are harmful to the whole earth.

(9) Due to the cutting of trees, the life of wildlife animals has been in danger, some of their species have also become extinct and some are on the stage of extinction.

(10) Human nature has also become irritable and angry due to climate change.

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Trees are an integral part of our lives and it is our responsibility to protect them.

As long as trees exist on the earth, only human civilization exists, so we have to protect trees.

Today the same stage or time has come when the Chipko movement took place to save the trees. Because trees are being cut to make urbanization and highways but they are not being planted again.

Forests are being cut by some greedy people but no action is taken by the government.

Even people appointed by the government to protect forests also help in cutting trees for some greed.

Due to this, the entire environment of the earth is being affected, if this continues, and then in the next few years, there will be a lack of water to drink and lack of food to eat, as well as the lack of air which is important for life.

Therefore, the younger generation will have to make all the people aware of the importance of trees and plants through campaigns.

Interesting Facts About Trees

(1) A group of 50 trees absorbs 80 pounds of pollution every year.

(2) Planting trees around buildings keeps buildings 30% colder.

(3) A tree absorbs as much carbon as a car runs 26000 km in a year.

(4) A tree absorbs more than 1 ton of carbon dioxide throughout its life span.

(5) The tree produces about 260 pounds of oxygen per year.

(6) About one-third of the USA is covered with forests.

(7) Trees can lower the temperature of air by evaporating water in their leaves.

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