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National Integration Essay: We are here to share essays for classes 1, 2, 3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 & 12 students on national integration in English. National Integrity means uniting the people of the country to make a unique Identification of the country.

National Integration Essay
National Integration Essay

10 Lines National Integration Essay 100 Words

(1) India is a country of various cultures, where people of many different religions, castes, and languages reside. Which has its own distinct identity in the whole world.

(2) There can be a difference in our lifestyle, culture, food, and dress.

(3) There may be diversity in religion, caste, and language, but in spite of this, there has been a sense of unity in India since ancient times.

(4) There is unity in our ideological and political outlook.

(5) Unity is an emotional word that means a feeling of being one.

(6) Whenever someone has tried to break our unity.

(7) Every citizen of India stands united.       

(8) We stand united against the forces that break national unity.

(9) There may be diversity in our social, economic, political, and ideological unity, yet unity in the real sense is unity in geographical, social, cultural, and literary terms.

(10) Thus unity in diversity is the main feature of India.

10 Lines National Integration Essay in English
10 Lines National Integration Essay in English

Short National Integration Essay in English 300 Words

India is a country that has a distinct identity of its own in the whole world. It is natural to have diversity in a vast country like India, yet people of all religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist, etc. live here with brotherhood.

Different religions have some differences in their culture.

From the cultural and social point of view, there is a lot of diversity in food, dress, different castes, sub-castes, etc.

Despite different views and different beliefs in all parts of the country, the spirit of mutual love, unity, and brotherhood is still the same.

Unity in diversity resides in India, so we should make such efforts in society that all citizens can establish trust in each other through harmony and love and stay away from hatred.

There are many ways to maintain unity. As such, education makes our minds generous and broad.
Because due to illiteracy people get carried away by emotions. Children should be able to respect all religions, languages, and castes from the very beginning of their childhood.

Students should be taught the national language as well as the regional language in the schools also.
If the natives of India forget their selfishness and develop a sense of collective interest, then instead of thinking in the name of religion, region, language, and caste, we will think about the whole country.

We all should develop a national spirit in place of a sectarian spirit, which will develop the spirit of unity despite diversity.

Despite having different languages and cultures, we all are bound by one thread and are always ready to maintain the unity and integrity of the nation.

Our unity will happen only when all citizens are full of patriotism, all citizens become patriots and prior their nation.

National Integration Essay in English 500 Words


India is a union territory country, which is a country of many castes, religions, and languages. Here people living in all states or regions, speaking different colors, languages, and ethics, are a symbol of unity. They all have social and local cultures.

Together have developed an Indian culture that has created a sense of unity among all Indians.

This feeling gives India the shape of a nation. This spirit of unity in diversity is the basis of our nation. This national unity is the symbol of our national pride and we all are proud of our national pride.

The Need for Unity and Integrity

Today India is facing many serious challenges in terms of security. National unity is absolutely necessary from the point of view of the external and internal security of the country.

Neighbors and other countries interrupt from the outside and keep conspiring to break us and from the inside religious intolerance, terrorism, regional narrow-mindedness, caste discrimination, and corrupt politicians are trying to disintegrate the country.

Foreign countries and attackers always keep their eyes on India. Some other powerful and developed countries of the world also want to see India disintegrate to fulfill their commercial and political interests.

Today there are serious challenges to India’s existence and security from both points within the country and outside the country.

A country with many religions, languages, castes, and regions is in great need of unity. Humiliating slavery of thousands of years teaches us to come together.

Measures of National Unity and Integrity

Unity in diversity resides in India. We all should make such efforts in society that all citizens trust each other with love and respect.

We should forget our selfishness and develop a sense of collective interest, instead of thinking about the religion, region, language, and caste of a person, we should think about our whole country.

Education makes our minds liberal and broad. Because due to illiteracy, people come under the disguise of emotions. We should respect all religions equally. No religion should be considered high class or low class.

During a time of external aggression or national crisis, the army is the one to come forward in front and on behalf of the nation.

The army gives priority to protecting the integrity of the country. But protecting national unity and integrity is not only the job of the army but also the role of every citizen of the country.

No such work should be done due to greed or selfishness, which threatens our national unity and integrity.

National Integration Week

The whole week starting on 19th November and ending on 25th November has been dedicated to the national integration of our country.

And 19th November is celebrated as Nation Integration Day in India on the birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi since 2013.


India is famous for its unity in diversity, for its development we have to respect each other’s sentiments.

We should respect each other’s religion, caste, etc. No such work should be done which is against the unity and integrity of the country.

Leave behind the religious and political gains, we have to move forward for the benefit of the country.
The unity of the country should always be maintained and attention should be paid to the progress of the country.

Essay on National Integration in 1000 Words


India is a land inhabited by diametrically opposite people who follow their unique cultures and diverse lifestyle.

It is very clear that we need to understand the meaning of national integration in our life and accept everything to give an identity to and for our country.

People in India belong to different religions, castes, communities, and cultural groups and have been living together for years.

The cultural heritage of India has been enriched by diverse religions, castes, and creeds which has put forward a mixed culture here, although it is very clear that there has always been a lack of political unity in India.

What is the Need or Importance of National Integration?

Despite having different religions and castes, the thing that leads our country on the path of progress is our national unity.

This is the reason why we should understand the real meaning of unity in diversity in India.

This does not mean at all that the nature of integrity here should be due to racial and cultural equality. Rather it means that there is unity in spite of so many differences.

India is counted as the country with the largest population in the whole world, where 1721 languages are spoken and people of all the main religions of the world live here together.

Despite all the differences, we should live with each other in peace without any political and social contradictions.

We should enjoy unity in this great country where everything is diverse to fulfill the purpose of national integration.

Therefore, looking at these reasons, we can say that to develop our country completely, then it is necessary for us to have national unity.

Threat to Unity and Integrity

The British first attacked the unity to rule India as a state, because no ruler wants unity among the people to establish his dominance.

So they adopted a strong policy of divide and rule, due to which they remained the ruler of India for hundreds of years.

As a result, riots broke out in India on the basis of religion and castes, and classes which are the main hurdles for national integration.

Sometimes they used to give protection to people of religion and harass others and sometimes they encouraged people of another religion so that people keep fighting among themselves and they don’t have to do much.

Then after the independence of India, the British left after destroying the integrity of India.

The partition of India was the policy of the British. In this way, they broke both our unity and integrity which then grew up with time and there is also political involvement in this matter.

Today, communal riots keep happening in various places in India. People of one religion fight with people of another religion.

Class struggle has broken out in many places in the country. Discord is also seen between the upper and lower castes which is not that much compared to a few years back but it is still there somewhere in the country.

The fight over reservation and non-reservation is going on.

On the basis of language, fights take place in many places. There is strong opposition to English in North India.

Government property is damaged in the south against Hindi. The anti-Hindi wave is going in Bengal, Assam, and Kashmir. Somewhere there is opposition to Urdu and somewhere to Hindi. Thus national unity is in danger, there are many hurdles to that.

National integrity is also under threat in the last decades. Some terrorists want separate Khalistan. The terrorists of Kashmir are demanding a separate Kashmir.

The Mizo National Front in Mizoram was also demanding a separate nation, which is now calmed down. In such a situation, our enemies try to break our country.

Political Unity

Political unity was visible only once in India when all together the British were forced to leave India in 1947.

The British had adopted the policy of divide and rule here in many ways, however, they later failed in this as there was national unity in all terms, even in political terms.

National unity or integration in India is promoted by certain points like cultural unity, defensive continuity, constitution, art, literature, common economic problems, national flag, national anthem, national festivals, and national emblem.

Discrimination a Hurdle in National Integration

There is a difference between country and nation.

The country is related to the boundaries because the country is surrounded by a certain boundary.

The nation is related to emotions because a nation is built by the emotions of the people of the country.

Unless the ideology or thinking of the people of a country is that, it does not deserve to be called a nation.

Due to the lack of national integration, all the social problems are arising in the country.

We all should understand the real meaning, purpose, and need of this national integration.

For the main development of our country, along with obeying all the rules and regulations of the government, we should live and think together for the nation.


India is famous for its unity in diversity but this is not true because people are not ready to accept others’ ideas for development.

Here everyone believes that their religion is the best and that whatever they do is the best.

People of a different religion living here fight with each other through physical, emotional, debate and discussion, etc. to prove themselves good only for their own benefit.

They never think about their country being together. They never think that the development of our country is possible only through personal growth and development.

National unity cannot come in our country until the feeling of nationalism comes to a peak.

In the absence of unity, integrity is also in danger. Corrupt leaders should leave politics and work in the national interest or should be fired.

Traitors and criminals should be punished. The feeling of patriotism should be created among the people by promoting Indian culture and following the rules of the government.

We should love our language, our culture, and our land, only then our national unity and integrity can be established and can be protected.

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