200+ Useful Idioms And Phrases With Their Meaning and Example

Useful Idioms and Phrases Examples and Meaning

  • To Beat The Air: Useless Efforts

Example- He is a foolish man because he beats the air.

  • To Bid Fair: To Be Likely

Example- You are a hard-working boy, you bid fair to stand first in your class.

  • To Blow One’s Own Trumpet: Self Praise

Example- It is a bad habit to blow one’s own trumpet.

  • To Break The Ice: To Break Silence

Example- He broke the ice in the library.

  • To Call A Spade Aspade: To Speak The Truth

Example- Gandhi ji always called a spade aspade.

  • To Call In Question: Doubt

Example- Why do you call my character in question?

  • To Call Names: To Abuse

Example- You are calling me names.

  • To Call To Mind: To Recall

Example- I cannot call to mind his name.

  • To Carry The Day: Win

Example- The Indian army carried the day in the war.

  • To Cast A Slur Upon: A Blot

Example- People cast a slur upon a gentleman.

  • To Catch A Glimpse Of: See

Example- I catch a glimpse of everything.

  • To Catch Napping: To Catch Unaware

Example- He was caught napping in class.

  • To Catch Red Handed: to catch someone while doing a crime or something badTo Carry

Example- We caught the criminal red-handed.

  • To Change Colour: Pale With Fear

Example- He changed his color to see a tiger.

  • To Clinch The Issue: To Decide The Matter

Example-That issue was clinched at a general meeting.

  • To Come To Stand Still: To Stop

Example- General strike and everything came to stand still.

  • To Cross Swords: To Fight

Example- Babur always crossed swords in India.

  • To Cry From The House Top: To Announce Publically

Example- He cried from the top of the house that he stood first in the University examination.

  • To Cry Over Spilt Milk: A Useless Cry

Example- It is foolish to cry over spilt milk.

  • To Cut A Sorry Figure: To Feel Insulted/Ashamed

Example- In his first result he cut a sorry figure.

  • To Cut No Ice: No Effect

Example- My friend could cut no ice at the time of his interview.

  • To Die In Harness: Death While Working

Example- To die in a harness is a fortunate death.

  • To Eat A Humble Pie: To Tolerate Insult

Example- Yesterday I had to eat a humble pie.

  • To End In Smoke: To Come To Nothing

Example- All the efforts of the principal to bring him around ended in smoke.

  • To Face The Bull By Horns: To Do Something With Bravery

Example- It’s time to face the bull by horns and get this job done.

  • To Grease The Palm: Bribe, Corrupt

Example- If you want to get something done around here, you have to grease someone’s palm.

  • To Hang Fire: Undecided

Example- This matter is hanging fire.

  • To Hold Water: To Be Solid

Example- Your knowledge will always hold water.

  • To Leave In The Lurch: To Leave In Difficulty

Example- A sincere man will never leave you in the lurch.

  • To Long & Short: In Short

Example- The long & short of thing this story is that we should work hard.

  • To Look Blue: To Be Nervous

Example- She looked blue when she saw a lion beside her.

  • To Make A Mountain Of Mole Hill: To Overstate A Thing

Example- It was a simple matter but he made a mountain of a mole hill.

  • To Make Allowance For: To Excuse

Example- A good man always makes allowance for a crime.

  • To Make Amends For: To Compensate

Example- He made amends for the loss of my car.

  • To Make Away With: To Destroy

Example- He made away with everything.

  • To Make Good: To Complete Effort

Example- I made good what I wanted.

  • To Make Headway: To Progress Slowly

Example- Boys are making headway in this life.

  • To Make Off: To Run Away With

Example- Robbers make off with everything.

  • To Make Out: Understand

Example- I cannot make out their mighty.

  • To Make Up: To Make Complete

Example- You should make up your weakness in English.

  • To Mark Time: Careful Of Time Or To Pass The Time

Example- Boys always mark time because they do nothing.

  • To Miss The Boat: To Miss The Chance

Example- You are old age and you have missed the boat.

  • To Out-Herod, Herod: to exceed in violence

Example- Muslim kings of the past are out Heroded, Herod.

  • To Play False: To Cheat

Example- He played false with me.

  • To Pull A Long Face: To Look Sad

Example- He pulls a long face when his mother scolds him.

  • To Take To Account: To Demand Explanation Or Take Into Consideration

Example- You can be certain that we will take it into consideration.

  • To The Backbone: Completely

Example- You are the backbone of your country.

  • To Win Laurel: To acquire glory

Example- Dr. Tagore won laurel in the field of literature.

  • Wear And Tear: Damage

Example- Nobody can tolerate wear and tear.

  • Well Off: Wealthy or rich

Example- I am well off but not happy.

  • Willy-Nilly: Without Any Order

Example- She threw her clothes willy-nilly into a drawer.

  • With a High Hand: Proud or arrogant

Example- The king ordered the people with the high hand.

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