200+ Useful Idioms And Phrases With Their Meaning and Example

Idioms and Phrases with Meaning and Examples

  • Hush Money: To Bribe

Example- Every business house uses hush money to leaders.

  • In A Fix: In A Difficulty

Example- My friend is always in a fix.

  • In A Good Manner: Polite

Example- He talked to us in a good manner.

  • In Disguise Of: Unfortunate Event

Example- Running late for work turned out to be a blessing in disguise of.

  • In Full Swing: In full speed

Example- Teaching work in school is going in full swing.

  • In Hand And Glove: very thick or close

Example- You and I are hand and glove with each other.

  • In Hot Water: In A Painful Position

Example- He is in hot water.

  • In Short: Briefly

Example- Always answer in short.

  • In The Long Run: At Last

Example- Work hard otherwise in the long run you will repent in the future.

  • In The Wind: Secretly

Example- It is in the wind that he is going to be dismissed.

  • Iron Hand: Brutality

Example- I always use an iron hand.

  • Iron Will: Strong Determination

Example- Indira Gandhi was a lady of an iron will.

  • Kith And Kin: Blood Relations

Example- I never believe my kith and kin.

  • Milk Of Human Kindness: Kindness

Example- Some people have no milk of human kindness in them.

  • Neck To Neck: Side By Side

Example- There will be a neck-to-neck race in the playground.

  • Next To Nothing: Much Less or Very Less

Example- Your knowledge of English is next to nothing.

  • Nook & Corner: Everywhere

Example- Many boys are wandering in every Nook & corner of the city.

  • Not To Care A Fig For: No Tension

Example- I do not care a fig for what people say.

  • Of No Avail: Useless

Example- The education of today is of no avail.

  • Off And On: Time And Again

Example- You are requested to meet me off and on.

  • Off Hand: Without Preparation

Example- Many boys take the examination off hand.

  • Oily Tongue: To Flatter

Example- He is our manager’s favorite person because of his oily tongue.

  • On A Par: Equal

Example- We should behave on a par.

  • On Last Legs: About To Fall

Example- Our present government is on its last legs.

  • On The Alert Of: Cautions

Example- You are in danger therefore you should be on the alert of your life.

  • On The Cards : Clear

Example- It is on the cards that he will get a first class.

  • On The Eve Of: On The Occasion Of

Example- A group photograph was taken on the eve of his transfer.

  • On The Score Of: Because Of

Example- I could not attend the meeting on the score of ill health.

  • On The Sly: Secretly

Example- Boys & girls love on the sly.

  • On The Spur Of The Moment: At Once

Example- I set out on my journey at the spur of the moment.

  • On The Very Of: On The Point Of

Example- The old fox was on the very of death.

  • On The Wane: Decreases

Example- The moon is on the wane.

  • Once For All: Finally

Example- We must decide once for all.

  • Open Secret: A Secret That Everybody Knows

Example- It is an open secret that they love each other.

  • Order Of The Day : Something Very Common

Example- Corruption is the order of the day in India.

  • Out And Out: Completely

Example- The exam paper was out and out of what have been taught to us in school.

  • Out Of Date: Not In Use

Example- This hairstyle is out of date.

  • Out Of Fashion: Something Unpopular

Example- Hindi has become out of fashion in modern India.

  • Out Of Place: Unfit To The Occasion

Example- People should not speak out of place.

  • Out Of Question: Impossible

Example- His success is out of the question.

  • Out Of Sorts: Not In Good Health

Example- Today I am out of source, therefore I cannot come to you this evening.

  • Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fire: from a bad situation to the worst one

Example- The prisoner came out the jail but he was attacked by robbers. It was just like out of the frying pan into the fire.

  • Out Of The Way: Difficult

Example- I met a person who lives in out-of-the-way conditions in a village.

  • Over Head And Ears: Completely

Example- This man is overhead and ear in loan.

  • Point Blank: Clearly

Example- He can also see point blank at night.

  • Right And Left: On all sides

Example- He was in danger so he began to run right and left.

  • The Olive Branch: An Offer For Peace

Example- We should hold the olive branch.

  • To Add Fuel To Fire: to make a miserable situation even worse

Example- Shouting at a crying child just add fuel to the fire.

  • To Bank Upon: to expect something or depend on something happening

Example- You should not bank upon others.

  • To Be All And End All: Main Purpose

Example- To be an IAS officer is his all and end-all for me.

  • To Be In Good Books: Pleased with you

Example- Yesterday I helped some people so I am in the neighbor’s good book.

  • To Be In The Bad Books Of: In Disfavour

Example- He was in the bad books of his boss.

  • To Be On The Lookout For: In Search For

Example- I am on the lookout for a job.

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