200+ Useful Idioms And Phrases With Their Meaning and Example

Idioms and Phrases With Their Meaning and Example: We are here to share 200+ useful idioms and phrases with their meaning and uses in sentences. We have provided the most useful Idioms and phrases which can be used for conversation in our day-to-day life.

What are Idioms and Phrases?

Idiom is a phrase that has a figurative and non-verbal meaning that we can’t read out easily by looking at its individual words.

200 + Useful Idioms and Phrases in English
200 + Useful Idioms and Phrases in English

Useful English Idioms and Phrases With Meaning

  • A Big Gun: An Important Person

Example- She is a big gun in city politics.

  • A Black Sheep: A Defamed Person or a useless person

Example- Everybody here is a black sheep.

  • A Blessing In Disguise: an apparent misfortune that has good results

Example- The cunning boy proved a blessing in disguise.

  • A Bolt From The Blue: A Sudden Shock

Example- The news of his father’s death was a bolt from the blue from him.

  • A Bone Of Contention: A subject for argument between two or more (cause of fight)

Example- Kashmir is a bone of contention between India and Pakistan.

  • A Broken Reed: A Man Who Is Not Dependable

Example- I cannot believe you because you are a broken reed.

  • A Brown Study: DayDreaming

Example- A brown study is not a truth of life.

  • A Burning Question: A Topic Of The Day

Example- Terrorism is a burning question.

  • A Chicken-Hearted Man: Coward

Example- You are a chicken-hearted man.

  • A Childs Plays: Easy Work

Example- English is not child’s play.

  • A Cock And Bull Story: A False Story

Example- He always told a cock and bull story.

  • A Cool Head: A Calm Person

Example- You are a man with a cool head.

  • A Dark Horse: A Man Of Unknown Ability

Example-Kali Das was a dark horse.

  • A Dead Language: A Language Out Of Date

Example- Today Sanskrit is a dead language.

  • A Dead Letter: A Letter Without Address

Example- I received many dead letters.

  • A Dead Shot: A Shooter Without Any Mistake/ Wrong

Example- Karan Singh was a dead shot in our country.

  • A Dog In The Manager Policy: Neither Do Yourself Nor Let Others Do

Example- All these articles are a dog in the manager’s policy.

  • A Drawn Game: Undecided Game or Without Any Result

Example- Our cricket game was a drawn game.

  • A Drug In The Market: Un-demanded Product

Example- Opium is a drug in the market.

  • A Fair Weather Friend: One Who Is Helpful Or Friendly Only When It Is Advantageous

Example- He is a fairy weather friend.

  • A Gala Day: A day of entertainment

Example- My birthday was a gala day for my parents.

  • A Haunted House: A House Of Ghosts

Example- The old haveli was supposed a haunted house.

  • A Herculean Task: A Difficult Work

Example- Teaching English is really a herculean task.

  • A High Time: The Appropriate Time

Example- This is high time to reach the station.

  • A Key Note: Most Important Matter

Example- The keynote of this story is a life of bravery.

  • A Maiden Speech: First Speech Of Anybody Or A Speech Made For The First Time By Somebody

Example- My maiden speech was very excellent.

  • A Man In The Street: A Common Man

Example- A man in the street is always poor.

  • A Mare’s Nest: Hoax or a complex situation

Example- The report of the accident was a mare’s nest.

  • A Moot Point: A Matter Of Thinking Or A Topic Of Discussion

Example- It is a moot question whether changes of the latter kind will actually occur.

  • A Narrow Escape: A Close Save Or A Hair Breadth Escape

Example- Yesterday he meet with an accident but a narrow escape.

  • A Past Master: A Skilled Man

Example- He is a past master in technology.

  • A Red Letter Day: An Important Day or Significant day

Example- It was a red letter day for our family.

  • A Rolling Stone: A Wanderer

Example- A rolling stone brings no success.

  • A Storm In A Cup Of Tea: Lot Of Unnecessary Anger

Example- He raised a storm in a cup of tea.

  • A Thorn In The Flesh: A Painful Point

Example- A jobless boy is a thorn in the flesh.

  • A Turn Coat: Traitor

Example- Who needs this party of turncoats?

  • A Wild Goose Chase: A Worthless Hunt

Example- I wasted all afternoon on a wild goose chase.

  • Above Board: Honest

Example- My wife is above board.

  • Adam’s Ale: Pure Water

Example- We cannot live without Adam’s Ale.

  • All And Sundry: Everybody

Example- All and sundry can come here.

  • All in All: Most powerful or supreme

Example- The principal was all in all at his college.

  • All that Glitter is not Gold: Something looks good on the surface but might not be good after you look at it closely or not everything looks good turns out to be good

Example- He advised me to be careful while buying a house because all that glitter is not gold.

  • An Apple Of Discord: A Bone Of Contention (Cause Of A Fight)

Example- Kashmir is an apple of discord between India & Pakistan.

  • An Apple Of One’s Eye: Someone’s Dearest

Example- He is an apple of his father’s eye.

  • An Evil Genius: A Sinful Genius

Example- You are a talented man but you have an evil genius.

  • An Irony Of Fate: Unexpected Sorrow

Example- The death of his father was an irony of fate.

  • An Oily Tongue: Excessively Smooth Spoken Or Unctuous

Example- An oily tongue brings weakness.

  • An Uphill Task: A task that requires great effort, but is possible to do

Example- The company is facing an uphill task in its efforts to expand into China.

  • As a Matter of Fact: In reality

Example- As a matter of fact my gold is gone forever.

  • As a Rule: Usually

Example- As a rule, I do not bluff or cheat.

  • At A Loss: Confused, Puzzled

Example- Most people are at a loss.

  • At A Stone’s Throw: Very Near

Example- My house is a stone’s throw from the bus stand.

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